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 Early Detection Plus



Early Detection Plus is an integrated platform for registration, communication and overview.

The platform allows you to identify and react to health problems and functional decline in elderly citizens at an early stage. The end users are professional care workers such as nurses and care assistants.

Greater attention to changes in the citizen’s habitual state prompts swift decision-making and early intervention, which in turn reduces the need for costly hospitalizations and rehabilitation programs.

The boards - overview


The Early Detection boards serve as a communication and visualization platform, crucial to addressing the changes in the citizens’ health state and deciding on the adequate course of action in a well-informed and qualified manner.

The boards visualize the information recorded by the care workers via the app and give a clear outline of each citizen’s progress as well as of a selected group of citizens. They are web-based and can be accessed from computers and tablets. All care workers have access to the information at all times and are able to gain insight into relevant data on the citizens in their care.

The boards comprise four modules: triage overview, citizen insight, administration and statistics. The information visualized on the boards provides a framework for working meetings and encourages systematic knowledge sharing. All care workers, regardless of their specific professional affiliation, can discuss the developments in the citizens’ state of health, and necessary actions can be immediately initiated.

The app- data collection


The Tools






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- We present what we can do for you and eat cake

- We give you access to a test environment

- We follow up and agree on contract terms

- We implement TO+ and help you design

   the optimal workflow and practice

- We host, run and support you all the way so

   you can focus on CARE.


With TO+ you get more than just an IT system. We assume responsibility for the entire implementation process, focusing on customization and local implementation.

We analyse and design an adequate workflow to ensure optimal implementation and effect of TO+. Our offer includes training courses in order to make TO+ an integrated part of the general workflow.

We ensure deep involvement of all end-users and customize the implementation process according to whatever special needs our customers might require.

The TO+ Platform


The care worker registers data with a few clicks on the phone while visiting the citizen. The data is automatically saved to the central database and the progress in the citizen’s condition can be monitored on the electronic board.

The care worker does not have to use precious time calculating scores, since the app automatically computes the results and offers recommendations. All care workers have mutual access to all registrations, without having to resort to other record systems.

Information is automatically shared among the different professionals involved in the care of each citizen. Optimized inter-professional collaboration allows for swift and adequate response.

Proven effect in Danish Aged Care

40 % reduction in hospital admission over a 2 year periode for selected muncipalities


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What our clients say

With VisiCare, any problem we that might arise is being taken care of right away. The company has been very amenable to our needs, so we ended up with a system that we not only can, but also want to use.”

Anne Mette Sørensen – Prevention Care Consultant Allerød Municipality

The app has user-friendly, intuitive interface and allows care workers to register changes in the citizen’s condition with a few easy clicks. Automatic calculations and pre-recorded recommendations save time and enable the worker to make the right call in each situation.

At the core of the app are eight tools for early detection of health issues, functional decline and malnutrition in the elderly medical citizen. All tools are recommended by the Danish National Board of Health.

In addition to the core tools, the customers can choose among a number of extra tools designed to support specific needs or practices. We add new tools to the catalog based on the continuing dialogue with our users.

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