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VisiCare's vision is to make care and health visible for everyone involved


   - citizens

   - patients

   - relatives

   - health- and care professionals


On the premise of the the patients. They are the carrier of data and chose who access which data to create complete transparency controlled by you. 

In order to accomplish this. VisiCare will continue to develop TO+ with a focus on early detection. TO+ is to be the platform to give an overview of a person’s health and care.


Through health assessments and visibility of health data TO+ will become a truly patient centric system.  Assessment in regard to life style diseases that can give advice and recommend GP intervention as early as possible and share relevant data with the click of a botton. 

The patient will be empowered to share these data with whom they like. This will make it possible for. GP’s, specialists and hospitals to access these data and add to them in a patient held record. 

The key being to avoid hospitalvisits of the patients that the GP can and should take care of and use the resources of GPs and hospitals to the benefit of the patients. Today there is limited or lack of communication as well as “trust” issues. VisiCare want to address these and demystify health, care, hospitals, GPs through technology built with the citizen/patient at the centre.


The concept of VisiCare is to create transparency and eliminate barriers in regard to health data and professional pride and sector focus. So that data is truly shared and controlled by the one whom it is about.

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